Sunday, August 01, 2010


A Few Hits and Misses at Tillman's Roadhouse

There are a lot of things to like about Tillman's. I mean where else are you greeted with complimentary popcorn and peanuts drizzled with truffle oil? All of the appetizers sounded great but our group settled on the trio of fries ($9) and the fried pickle cup ($7). Both were fantastic! The fries would be too much for FWJoey and I to eat alone, but they were great for a group of 4-6. As for the pickles, I think I could have eaten the whole order myself. They are that good. The brown mustard served with the pickles elevate the wonderfulness of the dish.

My taste buds didn't get as excited about the entree selections as they did about the appetizers mainly because most of them sounded a little heavy. With the exception of the salmon, the choices were very masculine (think pork chops, beef tenderloin, ribeye, chicken fried steak, chili pie and ribs).

I decided to try the BBQ Pork Spareribs served on white cheddar mac and cheese ($23). The rub on the ribs was good, but verged on being too sweet and the mac and cheese was solid. Overall, I thought the dish was good, but because it was so heavy, I will try something else on our next visit. FWJoey wasn't too impressed with his chicken fried hangar steak ($24).

I have heard good things about the salmon entree so I look forward to trying it. I have also tried the pork and brisket quesadillas ($10) which I thought were good. They seemed like an appetizer that could be ordered as an entree for those wanting something less filling.

Getting something less filling is key if you are at Tillman's with a group because you will want to have room for dessert. The table side s'mores ($14) are unique and fun. I was told that the chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers are made in house which is impressive to me. Each order comes with marshmallows in three flavors that change (our flavors were maple, orange and coffee). Delicious!

Tillman's Roadhouse
2933 Crockett Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107-2908
(817) 850-9255

I have not been as impressed with Tillman's. It's a little too off the beaten path for me.
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