Friday, April 14, 2006


The Covey: Go for the Beer

FW Joey and I tried this new restaurant for dinner the first week it opened. When we walked in, I immediately liked the place. The dining room is very spacious, open and bright. Very inviting, very comfortable, yet at the same time, very nice and somewhat elegant. Diners can choose to sit in the dining room (white table cloths) or the bar area (more casual). The same menu serves both dining areas. We sat in the main dining room and had a very enjoyable experience. our server was awesome and while the food did not knock my socks was good.

We started with the smoked salmon nachos ($9.50). The portion was small (and the price was high) but the flavor was above average. The appetizer consisted of five tortilla chips (yes, you read right....five) topped with goat cheese and smoked salmon with a very slight drizzle of sour cream. It left us wanting more!

Next, FWJoey and I shared the California Pizza ($11.50) and the Covey Filet ($24.95). The Califronia pizza was very disappointing because it was so bland. It is baked in a brick oven so my expectations were high. It was topped with sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts. Other pizzas served to fellow diners looked much tastier than the California. I am not giving up on the pizza at the Covey just yet. I will try another and hope it is better.

The Covey Filet was a great selection. It was bacon wrapped and cooked just the way we ordered it (medium rare). FWJoey enjoyed the mashed potatoes. I ate the asparagus, which were fine, but unmemorable.

For drinks, we started with an awesome beer flight which was a steal at only $3.00. It allowed us to sample the five beers that are brewed right there at the Covey. All of the beers were smooth and delicious. They were definitely the highlight of the visit. FWJoey preferred the stout and I liked the Amber Ale the best.

Other items that we saw served that looked extra yummy were the chicken and chorizo quesadilla and the stuffed mushrooms. I am looking forward to trying those on another visit!

I returned to the Covey during lunch today with my coworker, FWJosh. This visit was vastly different than my dinner visit with FWJoey. We were both very disappointed with everything we ordered.

We started with t cup of the "not so french" onion soup ($3.50). Well, it was "not so good" and I won't be getting it again. It was runny, not enough onions and the cheese stuck all over the spoon. Very annoying.

FWJosh ordered the southwestern grilled chicken wrap ($9.95). The description sounded MUCH better than the actual food item. The menu stated the wrap contained a "black bean spread". It should have said that the black bean spread was the main ingredient because it was overflowing with the stuff. I think FWJosh's actual word used to describe it was "horrible." Ouch! That's bad. Not only was the wrap bad, the chips were a bunch of crumbs.

I ordered the grilled portabello sandwich ($8.95). Much like the California pizza, it was bland. The mushrooms did not have much flavor. I was really looking forward to that sandwich and it was a huge let down. It was not "horrible" but it is an item I will never order again. I should have gotten the quesadillas.

Both lunch items were extremely overpriced for the quality of the food we received.

Bottom-Line: I really want to like the Covey because I like the atmosphere alot. I am not going to give up on the food, but I cannot say that I eagerly recommend anything we have tried - other than the beer!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Nobu...No thanks.

Virtually all of the posts thus far have provided positive reviews of area restaurants and bars. Well this... is my first negative post. I have a feeling words (at least not my crummy, non journalistic words) cannot paint a picture of how horrible my recent dinning experience was at Nobu in Dallas. This chic "hot spot" is located in the Crescent Hotel and supposedly it is the place to be. Well, it is not a place I ever want to visit again.

A few weeks ago, before a Coldplay concert, I met 5 friends from out of town at Nobu. The evening began just fine as I sipped on a good, yet overpriced, dirty martini ($14) while waiting for the rest of my party to arrive. Once we were seated and we met our server - everything went downhill fast. I do not remember our server's name with certainty so we will just call him Jason. Long story short - Jason was a jerk and he is the primary reason I have no intentions of returning to Nobu (although the snotty, plastic patrons that filled the joint and the non-inventive, unimpressive food are additional reasons not to go).

I think the best way to remember how bad Jason was it to make a list of all the reasons he was a horrible server:

1. One of the first things he asked was whether "everyone does raw." He asked the question in a condescending, unacceptable tone that denoted that anyone who answers this question "No" should be shot and thrown out with the trash. Now, I do eat raw fish; however, I am a firm believer that there is nothing wrong with persons that prefer their food cooked. Therefore, it really irritates me when a server makes people feel stupid and out of place because they do not like raw fish. Wake up server - people who do not eat raw fish still eat and still spend money so do not make them feel stupid.

2. One of the girls in our group stated she did not eat raw and Jason's response was "you are at Nobu." No crap, Jason - I bet she knew exactly where she was. Thanks. ETErin explained (although she should not be made to feel like she had to) that she generally enjoys raw fish, but because she is pregnant, she wasn't going to be "doing raw" tonight.

3. Many minutes had gone by and we had not received menus so we politely asked Jason if we could look at a menu. We informed him we were going to the Coldplay concert so we were on a bit of a schedule. Jason's response when we asked him to see menus was, "You obviously haven't been to Nobu....we do not just hand over a menu, we walk you through it." Well, what if we don't want you to?! We already don't like you and we do not like your snobby voice.

4. When we asked Jason if there was a particular appetizer he suggests - he informed us that "here at Nobu, we do not have appetizers." Oh, excuse me Jason. Snob. I guess I should have asked for a suggestion for my "first course." Give me a break.

5. Jason tried to upsale us on everything. Every single item he recommended was some of the most expensive items on the menu. He even tried to upsale us on the sake suggesting we should get the largest bottle they sold and share it (this option was incredibly expensive). There are few things I hate more than a waiter that only suggests the pricey selections. It makes me not trust my server which I hate!

6. Jason explained the fancy order that the food comes in - cold first, then something else and lastly the sushi rolls (It is important to note that the sushi rolls are served last). When ETErin (pregnant) ordered the chicken terriaki and california rolls, she asked Jason to bring the rolls out as soon as he could because she was really hungry (her baby was probably letting her know she needed to eat ASAP). Jason's response, "You obviously were not listening when I told you the rolls come out last." Is this guy for real?

7. None of the food was worth the money. The rolls were boring and small. The flavor was dull and unimpressive. I have had much better sushi in FW at Hui Chuan, Edohana and Piranha. One dish with garlic shrimp was the best, but not worth returning over.

8. When it came time to pay, we reviewed the bill (ridiculously over priced). We had 6 people. Three people had cash and three of us were using credit cards. We calculated what everyone owed and we wrote on the back of the ticket which amounts to place on which credit card. Jason came and got the check. After about 20 minutes, Jason returned to the table claiming to be "slammed" and claiming that the registers were "tied up" and that it would be impossible for him to charge three different credit cards. Are you kidding me?? First, it was a Sunday night and he was not slammed. Second, I had a direct view of the register that had gone unused for the past 10 minutes. Jason asked if it was possible for us to put the entire bill on one card. Of course, we obliged because we were so ready to get out of that miserable establishment. In hindsight, I regret that I did not ask to speak to a manger about our terrible experience, but I just wanted to leave.

When you go out to eat, drink and be merry, you shouldn't have to deal with jerk-offs like Jason. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. Even if you like to be at the "hot spot" restaurant, this one is sure to leave you feeling cold.


Pleasantly surprised at Palermo's

Palermo's Italian Cafe is a family owned and operated jewel of a restaurant. FW Joey and I recently visited it for the first time with two other Fort Worth couples. The atmosphere was very pleasant - high ceilings and tables that were adequately spaced from one another added a nice touch. Warning: Be prepared to feel like you put a few pounds the morning after eating here! The food was delicious, but many of the selections were served in heavy, cream based sauces. I had the lobster ravioli, which tasted homemade and fresh. FWJoey had the House Veneziana which was a chicken dish covered in a rich butter based sauce. FWJoey was pleased by his selection as well.

The prices here were incredibly reasonable - especially for the quality and quantity of the food. Additionally, you cannot beat the service we received from Enzo! He was fabulous! He is one of the reasons we will be going back. Palermo's serves beer and wine. We opted for a $15 bottle of pinot grigio that Enzo recommended and were happy with the selection. Our total bill for FWJoey and me was around $40 - which included one house salad, all the bread you can eat, two entrees and a bottle of wine. Now that is a good deal my friend!

Neither of us would recommend eating this heavy food too often, but if you are in the mood to indulge on fresh, never frozen Italian food, then head to the South side on Magnolia street. Hopefully, you will be as pleasantly surprised as we were! By the way - we did not save room for the homemade cannoli but Enzo eagerly endorsed its deliciousness!

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