Saturday, June 14, 2008


Breakfast Rocks at Ginger Brown's

Since I knew Ginger Brown's made delicious homemade cinnamon rolls, FWJoey and I decided to check it out for breakfast. I think I expected it to be good, but I did not expect it to be great! In fact, I remember thinking in the car on the way to Ginger Brown's that I hoped I wasn't going to wish we had just gone to Paris Coffee Shop for breakfast.

I am happy to report we were not disappointed and I did not find myself wishing we had gone to Paris. Instead, we were excited to find a new breakfast spot (even if it is in Lake Worth). FWJoey had the Texas Triple ($6.95) which included all your basic breakfast comfort foods such as biscuits (perfectly baked to a golden brown), sausage gravy, eggs, bacon and hash browns. To FWJoey's surprise, all of these items arrived in one large pile with everything smothered in gravy (rather than your ordinary breakfast presentation). FWJoey described his meal as the "triple bypass" for good reason. Can't be getting this every weekend, but once in awhile, it should be acceptable.

My breakfast tacos were delicious (two for $3.29) and came with a side of fresh salsa. I have had a hard time finding a good solid breakfast taco...until now. My search is over.

We shared a few bits of a fluffy pancake, but could not finish it. We also skipped the cinnamon roll even though every other diner seemed to be enjoying one. Ginger Brown's also had a nice looking selection of freshly baked jumbo cookies such as chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate chunk, oatmeal, etc... We were tempted but successfully fought the urge to further splurge.

Ginger Brown's Lake Worth location in a strip center next to Albertson's makes it easy for many living in Fort Worth to miss, which is too bad. I know we'll be going back despite the out of the way location!

Ginger Brown's Old Tyme Restaurant
6312 Lake Worth Blvd
Lake Worth, TX 76135
(817) 237-2114


Margie's Original Italian Kitchen: Worthy of driving off the beaten path!

FWJoey and I have lived in FW for four years but had never tried Margie's Original Italian Kitchen until Sunday night. Since then, we have already been back for our 2nd visit! There were many reasons we went back so quickly...(1) impressive food (2) $4.50 house wine (3) charming atmosphere and (4) I was dying to try the pizza that many have raved about!

I intended to try the pizza the first time, but changed my mind after hearing the server describe her love of the homemade lasagna ($11.95) which I decided I had to try. It was really good, but not sure if I liked it as much as Grandma's lasagna at Piola. FWJoey tried the Chicken Jerusalem with linguini and garlic sauce ($15.95). Let me tell you...there is a BIG reason they put "garlic" in the name of this dish. Wow!! I had never tasted anything so garlic-y!I would never order it, but FWJoey really enjoyed it and said he would get the same thing again. To each his own!

We made a big mistake during our first visit to Margie's (other than not trying the pizza), we ordered WAY TOO MUCH. Our eyes were alot bigger than our bellys (yes, that is possible). We had the calamari ($9.95) to start and each subbed a soup for our salads (small sub charge). The calamari was good, but there was too much of it. It could have easily served a group of six. The soup bowl was also too large and too filling especially if you order the tomato basil. I must admit the taste of the tomato basil was delicious - maybe the best i have ever had (yes, better than La Madeline) - but it will likely cause you to feel incredibly guilty b/c of its heavy cream base and the pile of fresh Parmesan cheese they pile up in the middle of the bowl. This soup would be good on a cold, winter day. The serving is large enough to be your entire meal.

Obviously, we had no room for dessert! If we had though, we would have tried the frozen cappuccino pie ($5.95) recommended by our server.

After leaving Margie's, I was still wishing I had tried Margie's pizza so we went back on Friday night. The place was packed, but we were able to get one of the last booths (it was a nice, semi-circular booth which I love!). We ordered a medium brick oven pizza with red sauce, mozzarella cheese, ground beef, prosciutto and feta cheese ($13.95). IT WAS DELICIOUS!! I cannot remember a time I have enjoyed a pizza in Fort Worth more than the one at Margie's. The crust was crispy and was more thin than thick, but not ultra thin. The prosciutto flavor was slightly overpowered by the beef and feta making it unnecessary. The feta was a dynamic touch and could have been a flop if there had been too much of it, but there was not too much. The amount of feta was evenly distributed and was not overwhelming. I cannot wait to go back for more of Margie's pizza goodness.

Margie's menu is extensive. It has every traditional pasta you can think of as well as unique chicken dishes and veal. There are even a few seafood options such as grilled shrimp Fra Diavolo (which I read was good and a touch spicy), shrimp scampi and tilapia.

Margie's is located far west on Camp Bowie (9805 Camp Bowie West, 76116). In fact, I don't think we had ever been that far west on Camp Bowie. It is on the other side of 820. Instead of taking Camp Bowie all the way, consider taking I-30 to 820 South and then exit Camp Bowie West. Margie's is less than one mile from where 820 and Camp Bowie cross.

In my opinion, Margie's off the beaten path location should not deter anyone from visiting!

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