Sunday, May 09, 2010


Cat City Grill Didn't Wow

FWJoey and I checked out Cat City Grill last weekend with TXJohn and TXBrit. Our dining experience was fine, but nothing to rave about. We started with the Lobster Bites ($12) which just tasted like something fried. The remoulade sauce was really good, but that was the highlight of the dish. For the price, I expected the lobster portion of the dish to steal the show and it didn't.

Next, I had the Mimosa Shrimp and Scallops ($24). The shrimp and scallops were good but the dish was a little bland. The bok choy and asparagus were surprisingly nice with the mild sauce. FWJoey tried the chicken fried rack of lamb ($25) and it was okay, but it tasted like a "chicken fried something with gravy on it." The whipped potatoes that were served with the rack of lamb were the tastiest part of the dish.

On a previous lunch visit, I tried the quiche with the layered spinach salad ($12). The quiche was a generous serving and it was good. The spinach salad had some tasty components such as mandarin oranges, dried cherries, bacon, gorgonzola crumbles and a plum vinaigrette, but it didn't impress me as much as I expected it to.

Overall, Cat City Grill is okay, but it doesn't have a "Wow" factor.

Cat City Grill
1208 W Magnolia Ave
Fort Worth, Texas 76104
(817) 916-5333


Enjoyed Ellerbe Fine Foods

Ellerbe Fine Foods is the most upscale, sophisticated restaurant on Magnolia. It's been open less than a year and appears to be doing well based on a recent Friday night visit when both the indoor and outdoor dining areas were filled with happy diners. FWJoey and I went to decided to try Ellerbe with OUVernon and OUShelby because it is one of OUShelby's favorite places to go in Fort Worth. She promised me I wouldn't be disappointed and she was right!

Our server told us that many of Ellerbe's selections incorporate local ingredients so I decided to try the Brazos Valley Cheddar Tart ($9) as my starter instead of a salad. The tart arrived sitting next to some candied apples which complimented the cheddar nicely. The tart's consistency was similar to quiche. I enjoyed the tart and would probably order it again. Although the serving size was small, it was perfect to wet my appetite and still save plenty of room for an entree.

FWJoey was impressed with the Scott Farm Creamy Tomato Soup ($7) that he had for a starter. He gave me a sample and I'll have a hard time choosing between this soup and the tart on our next visit.

Moving on the the entrees...Based on the server's recommendation, I ordered the Louisiana Breakfast ($19). This was a surprising choice for me because I had every intention of ordering fish or scallops. However, I was intrigued by the Louisiana Breakfast which consisted of a large link of quail sausage, a fried egg, some collard greens and couche couche. I had never heard of couche couche, but knew I had to try it once the server told me it was basically fried cornbread. The entire entree was drizzled with a light sugar cane syrup that was delicious but not overwhelming. The day after eating at Ellerbe, I found myself craving this dish.

FWJoey tried the Chef's Choice Steak ($31) which was a baseball cut filet. I think FWJoey was drawn to the steak because he saw the words bacon and bleu cheese in the description, but the bacon and bleu cheese were actually a topping on the small green salad that was served alongside the steak rather than being on the steak itself. It wasn't exactly what FWJoey had in mind, but it was still good nonetheless. The steak was prepared medium rare and came out sliced in medallions. Although the steak's flavor was good, FWJoey thinks he'll explore another menu item on our next visit. We also tried the Texas Bay Shrimp & Louisiana Maque Choux ($9) which was a big hit at the table. I don't know everything that was in this unique side dish, but some of the ingredients were shrimp, corn, bell peppers, garlic, onions, cajun spices and something that made the sauce creamy. It was an unexpected treat suggested by our server.

For dessert, FWJoey and I shared the chocolate tartlet ($7) served with a tangy gelato that was perfect. OUVernon and OUShelby tried the bread pudding ($7) which received high marks because it was flaky instead of soggy.

Our dining experience at Ellerbe was nothing but enjoyable. We are told the menu changes frequently due to the use of local, seasonal ingredients so I am looking forward to seeing what the chef comes up with next.

Reservations strongly recommended.

Ellerbe Fine Foods
1501 W Magnolia Avenue
Ft Worth, Texas 76104

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