Sunday, January 22, 2006


The Parthenon

FWJoey and I discovered our belly's love for greek food at the Fort Worth greek food festival held annually at the Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church. We have gone the past two years and we are already looking forward to having it next year! Since the greek food festival only takes place once per year, we had to find a greek restaurant in Fort Worth to fulfill our greek cravings between festivals. That place is The Parthenon on North Henderson.

Last night we went to The Parthenon with two other couples - Jennifer & Kenneth and Brittyn and John. We started witht he greek cheese appetizer ($14) which the server torches at the table and puts out the flame with lemon juice. It was a delicious way to start the evening. There are so many yummy appetizers that we have never ordered an actual entree. We generally choose 3-4 appetizers and share them. It makes a great meal with lots of variety. I would suggest doing this, especially on your first visit, so you can sample alot of different menu items. I personally love the dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) - they are one of my favorites. They come two per order ($6) and are stuffed generously. The mousakka and spanakopita are also delicious. I prefer the mousakka and FWJoey prefers the spankopita. In the past, I haven't liked mousakka, but this one rocks! Lastly, the stuffed portobello mushroom is wonderful. The super generous portion is stuffed with crab meat. This "appetizer" is firm and filling - suitable for a meal! Better get there early though because these mushrooms are known to sell out and when they are gone - they are gone!

Jennifer ordered the tilapia entree because she was in the mood for fish; however, she stated during dinner that she enjoyed everyone else's food more than her own. She liked the fish, but there did not seem to be anything about it that made it memorable. You can get tilapia anywhere, but you cannot get a gyro dish loaded with tender strips of beef and lamb just anywhere. Kenneth and John both ordered the gyro plate which came with hummus and tzatsiki. Both were winners! I thought the hummus was a little bland, but it was Brittyn's favorite item of the night so go figure.

The portions are generous so nobody had room for dessert. As for drinks - FWJoey enjoys the greek beer ($3.75) - I personally thought it tasted a little skunky. I sipped on the greek red wine. It was just okay. Next time I will probably order a bottle of the Boutari red wine ($27). I sampled it at the greek food festival and enjoyed it more than the Parthenon's house red wine.

FWJoey and I are looking forward to visiting Parthenon again in the very near future. It is an excellent place to dine!

Saturday, January 21, 2006


My first post: Cacharel in Arlington

My husband, FWJoey, and I enjoy dining out. We share an interest in trying new restaurants and new types of food. Our friends know this about us so often times we are asked for restaurant recommendations. A couple of weeks ago someone suggested that I start a blog where I can write about my restaurant experiences. So, here it blog...simply called "Where should we eat?"

It only makes sense that I begin by writing about the last restaurant we visited. Last night, we went to Cacharel in Arlington. I am told it is a french restaurant - whatever that means. Cacharel is located on the 9th floor of a business building located near Six Flags. For us, it was out of the way since we live in Fort Worth, but we had a gift certificate to the place so we decided to see whether it was worth the trip. The food (with the exception of the dessert) was excellent. However, the drive to Arlington will probably prevent us from frequenting Cacharel again in the near future.

Our table was tucked away in a corner in front of a window and our server was great. Service really makes a difference.

I started with Belveder dirty martini. It was perfect. Very chilled and not overwhelmingly dirty. FWJoey sipped on Shiner Bocks. There are two ways to dine at Cacharel: (1) order the three course meal at $44.50 per person which included appetizer or salad, main course, and dessert or (2) order from the steak menu (starting at $32.50) which includes filet mignon, NY strip, buffalo filet, ostrich steak and a couple others - I think the steaks are served with a potato side and some veggie sides.

After talking to the server, we struggled with deciding which way to order. Our server, Jeremy, claimed the steaks were the best around and that he did not even know where the restaurant bought its meat because it was top secret. Despite Jeremy's steak endorsement, FWJoey and I both opted for the three course meal.

FW Joey started with the smoked salmon quesadilla. It contained the perfect amount of goat cheese and the tortillas were toasted to a golden brown. It was really yummy!! My appetizer was also yummy! I selected the "Escargot." It seemed like a no brainer since I was at a french restaurant named "Cacharel." I do not remember having had escargot in the past so this was a first. At this restaurant, the escargot is not served in its shell, rather, it is served with a rich mixture of grapes, nuts, perhaps mushrooms, garlic and butter. I am not sure what the heck I was eating, but it was delicious. And the serving was super sized! Very generous portion.

For our main course, FWJoey had the pork chop. It was pretty darn tasty, but I gotta say - it was not any better than the one FWJoey has mastered out on his grill on the back deck. FWJoey's side item of whipped potatoes were creamy and yummy.

I had the pike (some kind of flaky, white fish) for my entree. I loved it! It was a little heavier than tilapia, but not as heavy as sea bass. It tasted very fresh and was served upon saffron sauce. I am not always a huge fan of the saffron sauce, but this one was better than any other I have had. My entree was also served with three baked clams and an oversized sea scallop. I loved it! This was one of the best fish dishes I have had since moving to Fort Worth.

For dessert, FWJoey and I both made the mistake of ordering the chocolate souflee. It just sounded so tempting that we couldn't resist - but I wish we had. While souflees may be difficult to prepare or whatever the fact is that this one tasted like nothing. Seriously, it was a bunch of fluff that dissolved in your mouth the instant it hit your tongue. I felt like I was eating air. I think cotton candy would have been more enjoyable. I have never had a chocolate souflee before so I do not know if they all taste like nothing, but this one sure did and I caution everyone from ordering it.

BottomLine: We had a very pleasant and satisfying dinner at Cacherel. I would recommend it - especially if you live in Arlington. Would we go back? Sure, we would like to, but the drive to Arlington poses a hindrance.

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