Monday, March 31, 2008


Lambert's Did Not Disappoint

Louis Lambert and Grady Spears keep the new eateries coming and their latest project is Lambert's which just opened two weeks ago in the space formerly occupied by Jack's Off the Wall on White Settlement.

FWJoey and I joined soon to be parents, FWAmie & FWMatt, to check out Fort Worth's new restaurant and we are looking forward to going again!! I had the sea bass ($28) and thought it was excellent. It was baked and encrusted with mustard herbs. If you don't like mustard, this may not be for you, but I enjoyed it.

FWJoey and everyone else in our party had the smoked prime rib ($22). It was good if you like prime rib, but I don't care for it, so not for me. The filet ($26) was recommended by our server so I'll probably try that next time. Other fishes included a grilled salmon ($18) and ahi tuna ($21). Both descriptions sounded delicious! I was torn between which fish to order. Our server recommended the sea bass so that is what I went with and it melted in my mouth.

For starters, definitely try the wild boar ribs. I would not have chosen this myself, but someone else ordered it and I was lucky enough to try it. The meat was delicate and fell right off the bone. Nothing messy. Just yummy!

Joey and I shared a salad with light cider dressing, toasted almonds, sesame seeds, parmesan and romaine lettuce ($6). It did not knock my socks off, but I liked it. Since Joey would have gone with the Caesar, we'll probably give that one a go on our next visit. The salads were generous portions and we found that sharing one was a good option. We also shared a family style side of mac & cheese ($6) that was yummy. FWMatt and FWJoey were going ga-ga over the creamy mac & cheese and while I liked it, I did not think it was as good as Ovation's or Lonesome Dove's (FWJoey disagrees with me on this one), but it was definitely above average.

All of the smoked and grilled meats/seafood were a la carte and the prices were reasonable in my opinion. There were a few entrees that were not a la carte such as my sea bass which came with green beans and rice pilaf. Not my favorite sides but they would not allow substitutions which was a slight downer but no big deal. The green beans were above average but the rice was boring.

To top things off, they offer a single serving split of Mumm Napa champagne ($8) which makes a nice bubbly dessert if you decide against the massive chocolate cake.

Overall, we were impressed!

2731 White Settlement Road, Fort Worth


Uncle Julio's: Bring on the Cadillac Platter on the Patio!

I recently discovered my new favorite summer Mexican meal - the Cadillac Platter at Uncle Julio's. Are you a lobster fan? If so, do you also like fajitas? If you answered both of these questions with an enthusiastic yes then you must go to Uncle Julios on a friday night or all day saturday to enjoy its Cadillac platter! It is a large lobster tail and fajitas (your choice of beef, chicken or combo) for $29.95 and it is enough for two. I shared it last weekend with a girlfriend and cannot wait to go back. It is a great deal especially when you consider the quality of the lobster tail. See you on the patio!!

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