Saturday, November 25, 2006


Deep Fork Grill in OKC: Deliciously Memorable

Deep Fork Grill's website boasts that it is one of the best restaurants in Oklahoma City. Although I have not eaten at every restaurant in OKC, I am inclined to believe the self serving statement because my recent dinner at Deep Fork Grill was one of the best dining experiences I have ever had. Maybe it was because of the private dining booths....maybe it was because we indulged in a SEVEN course meal (yes, I said seven)...or maybe it was because my dear friend OKCCJ got engaged right before my eyes. For whatever reason, I cannot wait to return to enjoy more of the delicious food.

When we arrived at our private dining table, OKCGuy had a lovely arrangement of fresh flowers for OKCCJ and me. What a perfect way to start the evening - that and a belvedere dirty martini. ONe of the menu options is a "Chef's Special" which is where the diners are able to discuss their own personal preferences with the chef so that he can custom prepare a dinner unique to them. We were not even given a menu because OKCGuy had already arranged for the three of us to enjoy the Chef's Special. By the way, if you are wondering why there is no mention of FWJOey in this post - it is because he was unable to join me on my trip to OKC due to the fact that he was busy enjoying beer and sausages at Wurstfest in New Braunfels that weekend.

With the assistance of our server, we selected a fabulous bottle of wine to enjoy while we waited for our first course. The first course was an oversized crab cake topped with fresh lobster. Perfect. The second course was the best baked brie I have ever tasted served with fresh fruit drizzled around it. The third course was veal served atop smoked gouda mashed potatoes. All three of these courses were so good that I am unable to pick a favorite. They were all that delicious. Did I mention the portions of these courses?? They are generous! You will be tempted to gobble up each and every bite of the first few courses but I urge you to pace yourself so you can enjoy each and every course! The fourth course was quail. This was probably my least favorite course. Not because it was not good quail, but more likely because I am just not a fan of this gamey creature (not certain if quail qualifies as "game" but hey - I don't get paid to write these reviews so I don't' claim to be an expert). The fifth course was a succulent duck served above a delicious mushroom risotto. At this point, I am thinking - does it get any better than this? The sixth course assured me that yes, it does get better as the waiter served us a large lobster tail. hello? Lobster tail! I was in heaven. Finally, the seventh course arrived which was a key lime cheesecake served with three different sauces. None of us ate much of our dessert. One reason was because we were all quite satisfied at this point and our bellies could not hold much more, but secondly, because OKCGuy was busy professing his everlasting love to OKCCJ just before busting out the most knock out gorgeous engagment ring that I have ever laid my eyes on! Good job OKCCJ - you did good catching this guy! He was about the only thing that could have out-shined the dinner and boy did he!

If you are ever in OKC, I highly suggest going to Deep Fork Grill for dinner. Reservations are recommended - especially if you would like to add an extra touch of romance in your own private dining booth. While our dinner consisted of seven courses, the typical "Chef's Special" consists of four courses and costs $55 per person. Believe me, I will be taking FWJoey to Deep Fork Grill in the very near future. Bon appetit!

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