Sunday, August 01, 2010


Pho Que Huong Has Staying Power

Pho Que Huong is a new Asian bistro located in the Chapel Hill complex near Central Market in the space that previously housed Texadelphia and Crescent City Beignets. I have seen several restaurants fail in this location, but based on the meal FWJoey and I had there last week, I think Pho Que Huong has staying power. Pho's menu is huge and offers several noodle soups, stir fried noodles, vermicelli dishes and fried rice. They even have a couple of sandwiches (which are both $3.95) and a few salads (priced at $5.95).

FWJoey and I started with the Vietnamese egg rolls (2 for $2.95) and the shrimp spring rolls (2 for $3.50). Both were good, but the Vietnamese egg rolls were excellent! I enjoyed them so much that I got a second order to go to eat with my leftovers. The shrimp spring rolls were not as good as those that can be found down the street at Edohana sushi, but they were still quite enjoyable.

For my entree, I ordered the chicken pad thai flat noodle ($7.95) and it was delicious. I took home over half of it and enjoyed it just as much the next day. FWJoey's sauteed black pepper beef with steamed rice ($8.50) was also delicious. The beef was delightfully tender and juicy and exceeded expectations. The only disappointment was that the menu indicated the beef dish was spicy and it was not spicy at all (FWJoey likes the burn of a spicy dish).

If you are on the fence about trying this place, check out its website and I think you'll be convinced that trying it is a good idea (the pictures are very appetizing). If FWJoey weren't already planning to cook tonight, I'd be going back to Pho.

Pho Que Huong
4601 West Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76107-5496
(817) 737-3111

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