Sunday, August 01, 2010


Brownstone...Let's hope it gets better...

As a general rule, I like to give a restaurant a few months before trying it out. With Brownstone, however, I didn't follow my general rule because there was so much buzz about it that I just couldn't say no when another couple invited FWJoey and I to join them on opening night. I was prepared for slow service (which was a good thing since our server forgot to put in our entree orders), but I wasn't prepared to be so disappointed with the food.

When reviewing the Southern inspired menu, it was challenging to find an appetizer that I really wanted to try. It wasn't that the choices sounded bad, they just didn't sound like what I wanted to eat at a chic, new restaurant on a Friday night. Selections included biscuits with venison sausage, chicken pot pie, crispy chicken livers, a beet and chickpea puree, and pork riblets. We ended up trying the biscuits with venison sausage ($13) and the crispy chicken livers ($9). Both were okay, but I would not order either of them again. Next time I would likely try the chicken pot pie ($3.50 each) if it isn't sold out.

Upon the recommendation of our server, I tried the chicken stuffed chicken ($22) for my entree. I am not sure what the roasted chicken was stuffed with because all I could taste was an overwhelming herb (which I think was thyme) that affected the entire dish. I did not like it. FWJoey tried the braised kobe cheeks ($24) which was topped with a sweet cherry red wine sauce. One bite of this dish was enough for me. Not only was the sauce too sweet, the texture of the braised meat seemed mushy rather than tender. Perhaps that is just the texture of kobe cheeks (I wouldn't know since this was my first time to try them) rather than a flawed cooking technique, but either way, I found it to be off putting.

I thought the best dish we tried was the Texas Quail Breast appetizer which was a pasta stuffed with quail in a tomato butter sauce. This dish was ordered by our friend, FWCB, as his entree and I wish I had done the same thing. Since our dinner at Brownstone, I have suggested to friends that he/she should order the quail pasta appetizer as an entree. Well, I guess others thought that was a good idea too because the Texas Quail Breast is no longer offered as an appetizer. Instead, it has been transformed into a $21 entree. Smart move on Brownstone's part.

On a positive note, I enjoyed the atmosphere at Brownstone and the drinks were unique and yummy. The Tequila Berry Cobbler ($11) was a winner and so was the Dark and Sour (if you like rum).

Brownstone definitely has potential. Despite my unimpressive first meal, I intend to give it another try after a few more months of being open. I am confident the kinks will be worked out in a matter of time. Sometimes when you have a not so great experience at a restaurant, you leave thinking "I'll never be back." That wasn't how I felt about Brownstone. When leaving I thought, "I really want this place to succeed and will be back to give it a second chance."

840 Currie Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107-2940
(817) 332-1555

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